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Work orders & requets

MAINTICA allows you to simply and easily create, assign, and manage work orders. Improve control of day-to-day activities with easy-to-use reporting and search tools.

What is a work order?

A work order is an approved task of maintenance, repair or operations work to be completed. Work orders can be manually created through a work order request form, submitted by a staff member or client. Another option is automatic work order generation through a Preventive Maintenance schedule. Work Orders can also be created as follow-ups of preventive checks or inspections.

A Work Order includes information about the Asset and may include one or more of the following:

  • The person/shift or group to whom the work order is assigned

  • Instructions

  • Pictures and Documents

  • Checklists or Sub-tasks

  • Date and time to execute the work order

  • Information about the location and other details

Why are work orders so important?


Work orders are instrumental in making sure that your asset management runs smoothly.

They will help you with:

  • Explaning the issue, repair or installation needed

  • Scheduling resources (spare parts and tools) needed for maintenance

  • Providing technicians with detailed instructions

  • Documenting the labor, materials and resources used 

  • Tracking all maintenance tasks and repairs performed on each asset

  • Making sure that no request is lost

  • Sharing information within Engineering team and with other teams 

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Managing maintenance in a luxury remote island resort is a highly responsible and complicated task. Facility managers are doing their best to provide an unforgettable and comfortable stay for hotel guests. Good, planned and effective maintenance management is a key factor to guest satisfaction. And only satisfied customers will share their positive experience, which is needed for the resort's excellent reputation.

Preventive maintenance relies on routine maintenance tasks to keep the equipment up and running. Replacement of reactive maintenance with preventive maintenance coupled with a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) provides more control over maintenance operations. It helps to prevent equipment breakdown and unplanned shutdowns, decrease your overall maintenance costs and increase asset's lifespan.

MAINTICA is a maintenance management software - a CMMS solution - that gives you a real-time control over the hotel’s equipment and allows you to have a clear picture of what and when needs to get done. 

MAINTICA CMMS features give you all the tools you need to provide timely and consistent maintenance activity to your equipment. They also boost productivity of the staff and help you keep better track of the maintenance needs in all areas of your hotel resort. If you take proper care of your equipment through preventive maintenance, it won't break down so often, which will allow you to significantly reduce the emergency repairs. Having to deal with fewer emergencies automatically decreases maintenance costs.

Preventive Maintenance is the Key


MAINTICA will help you to practice regular preventive maintenance. Having a boat unavailable, HVAC out of service or pool closed will not make your customers satisfied. When you establishe a preventive maintenance program, the chance of this happening is quickly reduced. The purpose of a planned maintenance program is to reduce breakdowns and emergency repairs on critical equipment.

MAINTICA gives you tools to enhance your guest’s experience. The main characteristics that will make using MAINTICA feel like a dream come true are:

  • Responsiveness – all property and equipment is well maintained and fully operational

  • Reliability – internal inspections and routine maintenance help to improve asset performance and reliability

  • Quality – monitoring to ensure the quality of all asset deliverables

  • Safety – maintenance history, detailed checklists and asset history analysis make it easier to prevent accidents, ensure safety and quickly remove any problems

Fast Response Time

But even with the biggest effort failures never disappear completely. In times like these, fast response time is crucial.
MAINTICA will help you to notify right people when these situations occur. They will be able to respond faster and resolve the problems sooner and with less stress and costs.

Ultimately, not being able to use some parts of the resort make guests unhappy. A maintenance management system will help you make these situations a rare occurence.