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Information Sharing and Collaboration

One of the main functions of a CMMS systems should be easy information sharing and great support for team collaboration. Unfortunately, many CMMS systems lack well though-out team collaboration tools. MAINTICA is different. We are focusing on making information sharing and communication between all members in your team easier and more streamlined than ever before.

Moreover, effective maintenance strategy of a vast and inter-connected property such as a luxury hotel resort requires the collaboration of many departments, managers and their colleagues. They work together to improve coordination and sharing of information within the whole complex maintenance process. That’s where MAINTICA works for you to enhance asset management and maintenance process by making fulfilling collaborative requirements easy.

MAINTICA is based on real-time updates, real-time views and direct messages. All communication inside the team, related to maintenance work, can be done very simply within our system. Having the information about assets and maintenance operations accessible and visible helps your staff to do their job more efficiently. And help managers to make more informed (and better) decisions about equipment and resources. 

To support the collaboration and information sharing, we believe, that all your staff should be able to use the CMMS system. That’s why we have no limitation on user accounts, work orders or assets. You have unlimited space to use. There are no additional costs to add an employee, contractor or guest. You can add as many users, departments and other users you need. No matter how often and in which way they use the system.

Bring Visibility to Maintenance

MAINTICA provides hotel Engineering managers with greater transparency and control over the maintenance team. It displays shift’s and individual’s tasks with due dates, as well as a list of tasks that still need to be completed.

MAINTICA also reduces annoying paper-based bureaucracy by organizing all of your asset, work orders and other records online in a database. The result is an easy information sharing and effective communication inside the team. You will be able to say who, what, where, when and why on all your assets - in real time and in the past records. 

MAINTICA can help manage maintenance requests inflow

According to the hotel size, it's common to receive up to hundreds of requests per week. Without proper records, this number of maintenance requests will become difficult to track and solve.

Work orders request portal is crucial to keeping guests happy. It is a place, where your staff members or even guests can submit tickets and you or your team will be notified in real time. MAINTICA ensures that all request are recorded, the right people are notified, and that the request and its statues can be easily tracked until it is successfully resolved.