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Purkyňova 648/125, Brno

Czech Republic, Europe


Martin Hanzal 

CEO, Founder

ex-Director of Engineering

Martin is founder of software development company SODAT. He led the company since 1997 until successful share sale to group of investors in 2014. Then Martin decided to take a new challenge and became the Director of Engineering and Information Technology at newly opened Velaa Private Island resort. As a member of top management he was responsible for property maintenance procedure set up and for establishing and leading the Engineering team.

He soon realized that proper planning and execution assets maintenance is crucial for running  all assets in the best condition to provide excellent guest services. Because no suitable solution was available on the market, he designed and implemented his own maintenance management system. Thanks to the new system Martin and his team managed to perform all the maintenance on time and also save costs. But he went beyond the Engineering department boundary and made the system collaborative platform for all internal departments. This was the foundation of MAINTICA project.

MAINTICA is Martin’s current challenge - using his deep software development and maintenance leading process knowledge to provide unique maintenance management system for luxury hotel resorts.

Martin Ondráček

CTO, Co-founder

Martin was working for 15 years in software development company SODAT, focused on cyber security. He was CTO and Product Owner, mainly responsible for Product management, Major projects (mainly in Czech Republic e.g. Government Office, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, banks and more.) and led the Development & Support Team.
Martin brings to MAINTICA his experience with meeting customer needs and introducing proactive and procedural approaches which allow customers to move from reactive work under stress to planned and proactive work with much better results.

Ladislav Ruttkay

Software Development Director


Ladislav is CEO of Meta IT company, and co-founder of MAINTICA, Bezones, Filmlix and other projects. He is focused on complex IT solutions and custom development. His team members are IT professionals, with exceptional IT skills. His involvement in MAINTICA guarantees top quality software development and a focus on constant development and long-term sustainability.