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Purkyňova 648/125, Brno

Czech Republic, Europe


We provide implemented solution and not just a system.

According to statistics, only lass tahn 40% of all IT projects are completed successfully. The choice of a new information system is just the first step in its life cycle, but its correct setting and proper implementation is the most crucial part. We have long term experience with development and deployment of procedural information systems. Such systems will help you to move form reactive to proactive work style and upgrade your team work to 21st century style.

That is the reason, why assisted deployment service is a basic part of MAINTICA. Our consulting services are included in the initial subscription, and will help you quickly and safely bridge the basic barriers. We wll cooperate with you and your team on-site, to be very effective and flexible. An individualized personal approach and professional service will ensure that the system is successfully deployed within a few days. Our goal is long-term customer satisfaction whose needs and wishes correspond to services, we provide.

Deciding how to fill a Maintenance Management System with the required data can be complicated and can lead to an unsuccessful deployment of the entire system. Without a comprehensive Asset Register, efficient Preventive Maintenance Plans and engaging the entire team, the system will never bring all the benefits you and your organization expect.

The MAINTICA team is here to help you fill in the Asset Register and all other relevant data, so that the preparatory and system implementation is not a big insoluble task, such as to find water in the desert, but more like replacing an old car with a new one. We can help you professionally!


It’s not just about the system.
All too often, organizations implement a new software system and fail to include the processes and people in their planning. We have fundamental understanding of the current processes in place and how each will align to new system functionality. An implementation will not be successful if end users don’t embrace the new system. Training is a key to user adoption, as is establishing a champions from within the users that will advocate for the project and user adoption before, during, and after the implementation.

Using our experience we will assist you and your team in developing an easy-to-use and effective system that is of great value to the engineering team and to the organization as a whole.