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Property & Assets Management

For every manager of a luxury resort, it is crucial to have a clear picture of the assets and their condition, tasks needed, team members and more.

MAINTICA will allow you to: 

  • Manage any property or assets within your hotel resort with ease

  • Manage preventive maintenance plans, reactive maintenance, related work orders, spare parts, and life cycle.

  • Get access to files like documents, manuals, images and more.


MAINTICA has been developed to improve management, extend lifespan and decrease breakdowns of the hotel’s assets. To achieve this goal, the first step is creating a hierarchical structure of those assets. Each hotel is unique, so every resort can set up the asset structure based on their needs. But there are some underlying principles that any hotel may use when creating an appropriate hierarchy structure.



During the preparation and system implementation period, we will help you with setting up your asset hierarchy. Based on our experience, we will design such a structure, that will help you to see the most important information first. We always begin with the required end result in mind. 



Asset management involves the management of the maintenance of physical assets and equipment of a hotel throughout each asset’s lifecycle. Asset Management is used to plan, optimize, execute, and track the needed maintenance activities (work orders).



Asset management, work orders, and reporting will help you with monitoring your asset's performance. Within a month you can start running reports and get incredible insight into the maintenance process.

Extend Property Lifespan

As a good hotel manager, you want to make sure you are running an efficient business and making the most of your resources. 

According to studies, a well-executed asset maintenance strategy can help you extend the lifespan of your assets by 20 %.

I will also increase system availability and reduce maintenance-related costs. It is also known that performing scheduled maintenance is far less costly than reactive repairs.


In most organizations, maintenance is viewed as a cost: it costs money to hire employees, it costs money to pay contractors, 

and it costs money to purchase parts. But today’s complex environment demands a proactive approach in asset management. Such an approach can ensure the right processes to limit downtime and keep your property running smoothly. MAINTICA, as a Computerized Maintenance Management System, will help you achieve that.



Asset Tracking


Efficient asset management and maintenance aren't possible if you don’t have enough information about the assets and equipment present in your hotel resort. MAINTICA allows the hotel maintenance team to store and collect detailed information regarding all the hotel assets. Based on the data, they can display reports, store and regularly update data related to reactive and preventive maintenance as well as safety and regulatory compliance. Once you can track the assets, maintenance will become more efficient.