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Our Story

Founded in 2019 based on our unique combination of experience in IT, software development, information security, automation, energy and hospitality.

Our Vision

We work together with our customers to help them realize the potential of information to collaborate and make decisions across organizations. Openness, cooperation, long-term perspective.


We are not fans of vendor lock-in solutions, we believe information sharing and availability at the right time for the right people. That is why we mainly use cloud technologies.


Our services


Effective Energy

Sustainability has become an essential part of business strategy nowadays. Start measuring your energy and other utilities consumption and lower your costs. Energy monitoring enables tracking, recording, and visualization of energy consumed by your facility in order to support energy-saving activities. It provides insights into building operations enriched with other relative data sources (BMS, logsheets, PMS, CAFM etc.). In a very simple way, You can retrieve, analyze and share the data with anyone in your organization, so they can access it whenever they need it.

Maintenance Management

Run-to-failure and reactive maintenance has never been a good approach to keep you facility in long term operating and effective state. Switch to preventive maintenance with regular and  planned maintenance jobs. Every Director of Engineering knows that performing scheduled preventive maintenance is far less costly than corrective repairs. But maintenance management also supports the team collaboration. Seeing all the maintenance tasks clearly allows delegation the responsibility for executing them to team supervisors or even line colleagues. This unlocks their potential and increases performance of the whole team.


Cyber Security

As cyber-attacks increase in frequency and potential damage, it has become critical that businesses take cyber security seriously.
Our focus is to secure our clients’ data, technology, and networks from cyber threats that they face.
We provide technical understanding, leadership, intelligence and solutions to allow our clients to benefit from the huge opportunities that the digital economy brings.

Maintenance Management

"10% savings on operational costs."

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